What is Camera Photo Art?

Camera Photo Art is a blog about the magic that anyone can use to make their photographs their best.

The idea is that each photograph or image goes through four phases:

  1. The Camera – What you take your photograph with.
  2. The Photo – Your captured image and how you get the best results.
  3. The MagicPost-Processing – What you do to that image to make it its best.
  4. Art – The finished result.

Although I will be talking about all four of these components the real focus of this blog is on post processing, (a term that covers a “multitude of sins”) and what you can do to enhance your images. I’m not necessarily talking about completely changing your images, (although you can do that) but about the small “tweeks” that take you images from flat to Awesome.

Why isn’t the title of the blog Camera, Photo, Magic, Art?

Because like magic, post-processing should, for the most part be invisible.
(Also the url is long enough already!)

If you’ve read this far, it will probably come as no surprise to you that I am an Adobe Photoshop Addict. I love Photoshop, my husband is a Photoshop Widow, and my kids know that if they have lost their mother she can be found on the computer or out taking photographs. Having said that, Photoshop is not the only tool out there and there are an awful lot of other applications especially for the new and emerging field of smart phone photography.

Who is Lyn Tuckwell?

My full bio and contact info can be found here:


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