Penguin Splash. Video with a Galaxy phone.

I don’t do a lot of video, and even less using a smart phone but I wanted to see how my Galaxy phone would tackle the task. So,back at the end of September, I was in Calgary and took a few minutes to shoot a small video in the Penguin Splash area of the Calgary Zoo.

I came home and played around with the short footage in Photoshop, and then, as one does with other things going on, I completely forgot about it until watching the weather channel a couple of weeks ago when they showed the penguins at the zoo.

This was my first time using the new video editing tools in Photoshop CS6 and once I play around and experimented a bit, I found it fairly intuitive. That is to say you can manipulate layers and add adjustment layers such as curves etc. just as you would a static image.

It had been really noisy in the small area so this meant playing with sound and adding music. A big thank you goes out to Dexter Britain, . for the use of his music “The Tea Party.”

You can watch Penguin Splash on You Tube.

Blackberry 8900, 3.2 MP Camera.

A couple of week s ago I said that I would be looking at images from phones or the new and emerging art of “Phoneography.” Today we take our first look.

The video slideshow below was made from photographs taken last October (2011) with a Blackberry 8900, 3.2 MP camera.

The location is Banff Springs, Alberta and the Photographer was my husband. With the exception of the photograph of the High Street all of the photographs were taken from inside the hotel thru glass.

Yes, the photographs are a little dark, but these are unretouched snaps, taken by an amateur photographer, without the aid of lighting, on three consecutively overcast days.

Personally I think the camera comes off well. What do you think?